Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big News!

On Friday night Lps took me to Pearl for their set 5 course dinner. I was thinking about the duck curry, but Lps talked me into doing my fav, Lobster. Yum.

The aftermath.. i cut my fingers + my mouth- lobster related injuries!!

For dessert I had taro dumplings, and nick had turkish delight ice cream.. delish.

Then he asked me to marry him- and I said yes !!!!

It then got too dark to take any photos, so I had to wait until Saturday!

Here is my beautiful ring.. how will i consolidate all my jewellery to make this one stand out!? (I have temporarily switched it all to my other hand) ...
In my dressing gown, w/ brand spanking new diamond ring!

We had fam over on Sunday to have a BBQ which was fun.. Im pretty sure I drank an entire slab! haha, how typical. The cutest thing was the girls (now my neices in law!) in a near frenzy over the idea of being flower girls. They have told me their 'costumes' will be pink dresses with red flowers. Easy done. Am thinking something adorable from Leona Edmiston or BIG!? YES! How adorable would little tutus be from Big by Fiona Scanlan!?

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Cotton Socks said...


amazing news! i'm so happy for you!
tis the season to be merry and now you can be merry x 10000 !!

lovely ring btw. very classic.
he chose well