Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Christmas Cards 2010

This year I decided I could not bare the torment that is making a gingerbread house- mainly because I never stop at one, I always decided 'why go to the trouble for just one.... I'm going to make eight!'.

Then, always- without question- I start making the dough and immediately want to bail out. It's tedious, tricky, time consuming, fattening (I pinch many an offcut in the process!) and DAMN MESSY. bye bye kitchen table for an entire week.

So, I took the theme of my beloved bavarian Gingerbread house- and instead did some paintings and photoshopped this lil card. Printing-wise, Im not that happy with Officeworks and their tendancy to turn the darkness right down (it looks nothing like my test prints)... but it'll do for a Festivus mailbox treat!

Inside the windows.

Merry Christmas!

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