Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!!! :D

Christmas was a few days ago - the first in years I havn't boozed myself silly and ended up sleeping on LP's parent's spare bed by the early evening hours. Much the same with LPs!
We were both home after gorging ourselves at 5PM.

And of course, here's the 33 week belly.

I'm making the most of my smock dresses & Metalicus Cardigans!
Here's the Ginger and Smart dress I think I may have worn once before.
Also, my Saltwater sandals have become an absolute STAPLE.
Who knew a sandal could be SO comfy!?

I ended up only making one Gingerbread House this year... although I'd planned to make many more, my newly aquired sweet-tooth meant that I ate the bowl of "building materials"
(ie, the lollies!)

In the last couple of days, we've started the packing process.
Here's Nick packing up in his Music Nook ...

Awww... it is sad!

I'm also starting to ebay some things I've never worn today.
I just listed this Sass and Bide Jacket on ebay... it sold within 15 mins!?
My goodness there's some keen S&B fans out there!

Oh, and here's my other Christmas outfit I wore to my mum's for Christmas eve...
A new Fleur Wood Maxi, with the Metalicus cardi.
I have been looking for a yellow cardi like this one since my last one fell to pieces... mind you they leave very little to the imagination, can't wait til i stop feeling so sloppy all over! (and fit neatly into my old bras!)

LinkIn completely unrelated news, I helped organise a Charity Auction at Leonard Joel last week for a shoot. One of the items was this beautiful Southwood Trading coffee table, in the "Flow Collection". I ended up throwing in a bid- and won! amazing! I never would have imagined.
It came with the full setting... how cute are the felt coasters!

It's a solid hardwood Tasmanian Ash, weighs a tonne,
and is lovely Danish Design-ery looking!

Obviously a centrepiece at the new house... :D

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