Monday, December 19, 2011



It's busy few months.

Back at 9 I've been working like crazy... long hours make a pregnancy fly by, I think!?

On one hand I feel like I've been preggo for a gazillion years, and on the other it seems just yesterday. Time's not dragging ... yet!

Cool clothes are no more, I have ballooned! My boobs are up two sizes.. my clothes are snug as a bug.. but still, I've managed to completely steer clear of Maternity clothes (thankgoodness for Zimmermann's smockish maxis).

Currently 32 weeks... just into my 8th month!

There's also a big change afoot- the photo is a hint - Nick and I are moving!

Bye bye "Hopetoun Grooves" ... we're off to live in the burbs for a bit!

We're moving here in January... the renovation has just started, so it will look like a whole new house shortly! I have started my interiors wishlist, and am getting excited to put it all into action!

New Bedroom
The soon to be baby's Nursery

The soon to be lounge room

The soon to be kitchen

The soon to be new bathroom!!

Nothing's started as yet in terms of packing (I feel a nightmare coming on!)
But I'll start this week... and then break (moreso to pack than for christmas!)
Then 7th Jan the moving truck comes!
Big new start!!! ...

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