Friday, September 23, 2011

19 weeks - bumpy!

Belly @ 19 weeks 2 days

On Monday morning we have our big baby scan!
I have all my fingers and toes crossed the baby is looking good & it's measurements are where they should be! We'll know the sex too! How exciting!!! :D

So today my Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans (!) arrived from Shopbop. I was pleasantly surprised... two sizes bigger (!) than my last pair, I didn't believe they would fit... but ta da! Lucky me, they are perfecto.

This green top I am wearing is a funny one. Far be it from me to want to wear tight clothes, this has become a bit of a home staple. It's an old American Apparel number that my brother (!) wore for a while .. and it wasn't even fitted on him! He went through this bizarre phase where he seemed to drop almost everything from his diet and lost about 20 kilos! It was crazzzy, he was soooo skinny. He was throwing out a bunch of stuff on my last visit to London, so I wore it home on the plane and it's stayed with me ever since.

They have the "secret belly band" (always learning new things!) which you can roll over or under the bump. I've only been wearing them for approximately 1 hour, but they seem to hold up pretty good.

...scuse the mess!

LPs bought me a black pair with an elasticised waist last weekend, which I wore to Chaddy mid week - they kept falling down I thought I was going to lose my mind! In the end I purchased a pair of casual pants from Cotton On to get me through the last leg of Chad. Crazeballs. I will be revisiting them to work out a solution because they are damn comfortable.

So I went back to work this week at Ch 9.. new office in the Docklands! It's such a brand new look from the ol' Bendigo St- albeit a lil less convenient! Happy to be back and to be busy... & my finish date is a TBC depending on how I'm feeling which is Fabbo.

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