Thursday, September 15, 2011

New stuff this week & a Zimmermann rant

Here's my week in clothes.. back to work next Wednesday...

I bought this cute lil tunicy Gorman dress .. I can kinda sense it's going to be a bit of a staple.

It's not often I buy something from French connection, but I kinda liked this scarf...

I really dig the style of the floral.

I'm not sure if I made a very "me" choice with this one.. it's the Sass and Bide Fox wrap light jacket.. I love love love it, but it's completely at odds with all my warm weather clothes. I think I'm going to have to buy some new stuff to suit the jacket!

Worn with a new Willow dress... photographed in more detail here...

I am pretty sure, after having the dress not even having seen daylight, despite a few suitable occasions (dinner and the likes) that I am going to ebay it.
It's sooo beautiful... lovely stretchy silk, so well made.

Whilst this dress isn't new, it is a reincarnation of an older Zimmermann dress.
The bust was sooooo teensy (especially with my preggo boobs!) that I had it made into a midi/maxi skirt (it sits between the two lenghts)

I think it worked out well... although the elastic in the waist is enormous.
Normally it might bother me, but with the impending tummy situation I don't think it's going to be an issue...

with a Mink Pink cropped top, and my new Sportsgirl sandals.

and gold... I'm all about the multi tones of gold jewellery right now.

I was crazy for this Zimmermann Hydrangea print last year.

I loved it so much, but never got around to trying it on. When it came up on ebay in my size I was prepared to pay any price. This morning when the post courier arrived I was at the gate before the bell had even finished Buzzing. I raced inside to our room and strugggled... and struggled... and struggled to get it on!

I have never ever ever come across anything SO DAMN COMPLICATED. There are these internal crossover straps all over the iside of the dress... under the armpit, over the armpit, strangling me, feeling unfomfortable... argh! I finally got it on (half an hour, half a frustrating hour... this must work somehow) and I think I got it right. I immediately snapped some pics (straight outta bed, no makeup, pre hairbrush) as I KNEW I could never go through that again.

I will say the print is divine, the colours are knockout, but the front and back crossover straps have made this dream dress a nightmare. On top of that the static is OUT OF CONTROL. I wonder if it's me, or the dress? Why is all my Zimmermann silk so riddled with static??

As for my new shoes this week, I picked up these D Copenhagen boots at Cactus Jam.
I didn't need them at all, but there is something about that rubbed brown leather that drew me in. My only concern is that they smell a bit fishy.. actually like fish!? When I'm in a confined space, like the car, it's quite overwhelming.. Cactus Jam what did you do to my boots!?

More brown: Gorman Sandals

And a bit of a random purchased, on my walk yesterday I popped into the Sportsgirl 50% off sale stock sale, and for $25 I decided I could not go wrong with these...

I'm a bit torn though.. does a size 41 foot really need to look any bigger?
I have a feeling these sandals, as cute as they are, may fall into the "unflattering" category!

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