Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Bump: 18 weeks 2 days

This week is the week where I think my belly has gone from looking a bit "thick" (or looking like I ate too much for dinner) to the beginnings of a baby bump!

Ta da!

In less than two weeks I'll be half way through and hopefully know the sex. yay!

Who knew so many vitamins were involved with pregnancy!? Well.. probably everyone, but I'm quite surprised by my daily intake! My vitamin D was very low so I take four of those during the day + 1 Elevit (for the Iodine I'm lacking) + 1 Folate.

The other thing I'm overdosing on is Body Butter in extreme quantities!
Peach is my fav, but cause it's discontinued the Body shop clearance in Richmond is selling the big tubs for $13. I'm going to use it all day long and all night strong!

Whilst there, I spied this Body Shop Vitamin C line...

I'm an absolute SUCKER for cosmetics with the right buzz words.
Vitamin C for invigorated brighter skin plays right to my weaknesses. I picked up these products, normally $75 for all 3, for just $25.. so certainly no harm in giving them a go!
Starting the day with a Vitamin C Face spritz seems to really work... even if it's just on a psychological level!

Feeling fantastic, except I've been having chest pains for a couple of weeks now.. almost 3 weeks. They started one afternoon after I rode my bike to Monk Bodhis for some veggie food.. that afternoon it felt like I was having a heart attack, but on the left side... it crept up on me to the point I was in agony and woke up in tears at an insane hour of the morning.
LPs took me to the doctor.. she diagnosed Gallstones! Can you believe it... she sent me off to the Ultrasound, who said there's no gallstones (phew!).. I saw my obstetrician a couple of days later, and she sent me for viral blood tests (believing it was something like Glandular) - Negative!

It's certainly calmed down, but it's still there, tender and painful through the night!

No idea what it is, but now I've decided to self diagnose myself with Costochondritis.

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