Friday, September 2, 2011

There's a bun in the Oven!

So, I have news... probably what I would consider big news! :D

Lps and I are expecting our first baby in February. wee!

I'm Currently 16 weeks and 2 days.

Over a third of the way there. Wish I could speed it all up:)
As I'm taking note of every day, they seem to tick past so much slower than before!

Plus Im still on break from work, and won't be starting again for a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks.
(Plus right now I have a shooting pain through my chest, making the days somewhat laborious! It has been potentially diagnosed with about 50 different causes- yet ultrasounds and blood tests have failed to show exactly what). Nothing to do with the baby, just a total pain in the assss (well, pain in the chest/ upper abdomen more accurately).

The first trimester (some time of which was spent in Japan) was pretty tiring & I had the constant quease. A trip to the supermarket would have me in bed for two hours- who knows how simple tasks became the root of such exhaustion!

Almost the second I kicked into the second trimester I started feeling fantastic-
happy, energetic, all the good bits you hear about!

I'm semi showing (just looking fatter and thicker around the waist - I don't think anyone would guess just yet) + most importantly, Baby is doing fab.

Here's my pics up to date...

At around 6 weeks the baby looks more like a goldfish.. with it's lil yolk sac attached.
All these things you learn.. who knew what on earth a yolk sack was.
I got this scan early after a bit of a fright, was so relieved to see a strong heartbeat.

At 9 weeks 5 days baby was dancing like a maniac!
It looked like he/she was doing the "la coocaracha!"

At 14 weeks 4 days, Baby was doing push ups-
How adorable!

And, it seems pretty indulgent to have had four scans - but the chest pain I had this week had me in at the obstetrician to ensure there was nothing pregnancy related going on.
And at 16w 2 days baby is fit as a fiddle, shimmying around.
I actually think this picture, my only one from yesterday's scan, looks like a boy.
In fact, I think it looks exactly like LPs! Something about that big, brainy head!
If you look closely it looks like baby is doing metal fingers alongside it's head, and a thumbs up above the tummy! hehe.

The big question everyone has been asking me is how a mega drinker like myself copes without alcohol. I havn't found it a drama ... I've cut out socialising at the pub, which on one hand is kinda sad, but I've replaced it with dates with Lps (Golden Fields last week for lunch, we're going to Cafe Vue today for lunch). It's quite nice waking up with a hungover husband and yet feeling fresh as a daisy myself- who knew that was a weekend possibility!!?
I thought I would lose a stack of weight without the calories- but nope.


Cotton Socks said...

How exciting!
Please update all the time!
D and I want to start trying next year after the wedding.
How cute are mini clothes?
I know you will have a super stylish baby!

I totally thought your baby was doing metal hands in the photo too! Even before I read that you thought so.
So now I am convinced it is.

Love the multi colour nails.
Maybe I will give it a go.
It seems to work with pastels.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

What's the date for the wedding!? woowoo, i can't believe we are almost at 1 year anniversary.

I am CRAZY for baby clothes... the little 70s style liberty rompers at Country Road almost tipped me over the edge with cuteness! Finding out the sex in a couple of weeks so I can be a bit more focused then on which way to go...