Monday, September 21, 2009

New Willow- I die.

I think i have food poisoning, i came home from work all light headed, and have been in bed ever since with this overwhelming queasiness. The Brownlow is on and it's BLARING over the Rachel Zoe Series 2 dribs and drabs Ive managed to catch. (I hate youtube for making series watching so complicated these days!)

BUT.. what i wanted to make note of was the incredible new season from Willow. She has totally outdone herself .. it's breathtaking!

The amount of detail, the laser cutting, the cuts, the beautiful burnt orange.. and oh my god re the yellow shoes!

In true Rachel Zoe fashion, "I die"...

My top pick of Willow's Fragmentation 09 Range.. there is not a thing wrong with this outfit and i dream to have it in my hot little hands..

Unfortunately i queeried the sales assistant how much she thought it would be once it arrived in store, I know that the leggings are $380 (!!!! GASP), but she estimated the shirt dress to be $700+ (More like $900 w/ the detail)

Um.. don't designers realise there's an economic crisis? Everything is getting so goddamn expensive! (400 seems to be the norm now for a "nice" dress)

These are the new yellow dream shoe, love the dress too...
The back of this dress is amazing. Very Karen Walker!?..
Um, wow. This Maxi would be my formal dress, if I could rewind the clock to 1998 and do it all over again...
Far out Im so cold I can't keep warm... desperately need a hot water bottle or something!

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