Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moving Out

So this is blog entry take 2. I have already written this, however my laptop seems to have a problem with it's power supply and TURNED OFF! Man, what a drag! So .. here we go again..

This week has been hard. Like really, really hard. The jetlag kicked in X 1000, and whilst Nick could do nothing but sleep (and feel sleepy) I felt wired, alert, and completely + utterly unable to sleep before 4AM every single night. I was running on a completely empty tank. Luckily i think it's started to wear off now! I am old, I can't believe how badly skipping a night's sleep and changing timezones affected me. I blame my recent 29th birthday!

Here I am taking a photo of me sleeping w/ tink & Giz at around 4AM during the week (around the "officially going-crazy" hour!)
Damn them and their effortless round the clock snoozing!!

Next up, my Marc Jacobs bootie have made their first outing! I wore them twice this week. They've left everyone fairly perplexed.. I understand they are weird and ugly, but that's what I love about them! I guess the only negative is that they do make my size 41 foot, look like a size 41 foot, but what can you do about that..
And my Primark dress has also made it's first outing.... I LOVE the print..
Diet starts tomorrow so the dress will look FAB!

Probably the big news this week is that I started moving out. My boss arranged his friend's daughter to come and stay here (long story) which forced me to get started moving things out of my room. It was a flipping nightmare. I have never done a thorough top to bottom clean of everything at once, it's usually one thing at a time. I have SO MUCH STUFF. My room is one thing, but when it comes to cleaning out my other room (with 2 extra chests, 2 extra cupboards) then I think Im going to have a nervous breakdown! Two full bags have already gone to the op shop before ive even finished my bedroom. PHEW.


Tinkerbelle hanging out with my shoes
She LOVES to shmoozey my shoes.. not for much longer :(

Here's my room with it's natural mess before it's all gone...

Tinkerbelle watching over the mess Im creating.

Lipgloss etc

Some bags.

I am sure I will miss finding items of clothing freshly washed + hung for me!


The fun thing is that you encover a whole range of treasures, forgotten treasures!
Tony Martin autograph from 1992 at the back of my old wardrobe!!

Letter sent from Paul & Darren with a pic of Joe dressed up in Black metal makeup to go to Subculture- hahaha. TOO FUNNY, amazing i found it!
Mulberry bag that I forgot I own, but love and want to get into again!
Paint Splattered bag i made back at uni. There was a phase back when sass and bide launched, when EVERYTHING had paint on it. Stupid because it's so easy to DIY. I never used this bag, but it's kinda cool. Hopefully gone to a good home at the op shop!

D Generation Green Guide cover found on the side of bookshelf when i pulled it out.

French movie ticket from when Trainspotting was first released, and I was on Exchange in Toulouse. It's priced in French Francs! (novel in light of the euro!)

Gorgeous vintage dress. Great cut, print, shape- everything!
i bought it on ebay and (unfortunately) it came in terrible condition- stained armpits, and weird little holes all over it. I was outraged for a moment, until i checked the listing and realised that in my haste to own it, I hadn't noticed all the flaws- of which it has many! I wasn't keen to throw it straight out, so it's been living on the bottom of the wardrobe.
Oh well. It's gone to the bin, but I did want to remember it.

Target platform boots- brand new, tagged 49.95. Couldnt figure out if these were a stay or go- i did pop them in the Op Shop Pile in the end. Why i would buy a shoe that's so obviously fake (woodgrain / suede) and then expect to wear it!? I rationalise in my head that they are cool and i will wear them, but of course I never ever ever WILL wear them!!

This belt was the bees knees when i bought it way back when. Strange.
It's SO skinny, i can't even imagine how it could have belted anything!

Vintage brown cardigan with a fishtail back.
Supre... is the brand we know so well a relaunch!? This one's gone to the Op.

I wrote & illustrated horror novels voraciously as a child...

I think I dreamt of the day Point Thriller series released one of my titles! haha.

Pile of crap for the Op Shop

Job for this week is to buy my dream bed from Freedom...

And one of these wardrobes from IKEA

PHEW! Well i better wash my hair and go to bed! Im off to alice springs this week! woowoo.

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