Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alice Springs + Missing drivers license = Disaster


My god today has been a trying day.

I arrive at Tiger to catch my flight (quite the experience, for example my cabin bag was .5kg over and I had to have it checked- I think they act tight so the flight feels cheaper!?)

Whilst Im checking in, I go to give them my drivers license for ID, and realise it's missing. Problem in itself, but then there's an absolutely monumental queue of passengers behind me, and I get all flustered trying to find it. Crisis averted- I had three named cards- they accepted.

When I arrive in Alice, with this missing license drama forgotten, I go to collect my hire car from Hertz, and Holy fuck- i realise i actually really, really need it!

The girl flat out refused to give me the car, then waivered and said the ONLY CHANCE i had was to get a confirmation letter from Vic Roads to confirm, yes indeed I possess a current drivers license.

This process took approximately 2 hrs, whilst the people at the cattle station waited for me to visit, I sat in the airport. The girls at the desk told me they were going to move cars and would be a couple of minutes.. right as they left I noticed the fax came through. They took AN HOUR!!! When one of the girls came back, she was extremely inexperienced, and refused to accept the letter. I end up on the phone with accounts at work (considering it's a work account) trying to get an old invoice from a past hire car Ive used. She doesn't accept it... this went on and on and on and on... untill finally.. four hours later, I somehow manage to collect my car!

Second Crisis averted. Phew.

So I start driving to the cattle station- the owner calls and tells me she has to go to town. Thank fricking god (in my mind) cause it was raining when i arrived and the outback, FRIGHTENINGLY TEXTURED road, now semi submerged, was about to bog the sedan! (in fact in my haste i lost control of the steering- i had to rationalise and slow down!). Ill go see her on Saturday.

So i Drove back to town and checked in to my apartment, tried to figure out if the 2-3km walk into town was worth the potential issues... I don't know how 'colourful' this street gets at night! So I drove, and decided to pick up some booze later. I went to go and see the Night Markets... and nothing was happening! I overheard an Aboriginal lady say the council had cancelled them.. that sucks.

I ended up having dinner at the Overlander Steakhouse, and I had a mixed grill of Crocodile, Emu, Kangaroo, Barra & Beef (the croc was in a vol au vent hehe). My waiter seemed to be a bit mentally challenged, he was so strange. He did one particular move with my serviette.. he was just putting it on my lap (awkwardly) but the way he introduced what he was about to do "i'll just need to organise your napkin!.." I was expecting a napkin/Cocktail type manoevre.

Then I needed a beer so I went to the bottleshop, and it turns out they don't serve alcohol to ANYONE (no matter how old and haggered u look as a 29 yo!) .. So i couldn't even enjoy my evening in my room with a beer or two. Crisis NOT averted.

Ok. Rant + vent Over! I just hope i make up time tomorrow!!!

And the pictorial (without the drama) ...

My precious hire Car with Genuine Red Centre Dirt on it..

Turn on the TV, and as per ALWAYS, Two and a Half Men is on..
Anzac Hill, I thought Why not!? (walk up it)
En route to the top... me & my foul roots.
View from the top as the sun starts to set over the township..
Me and Alice, at one..
Creepy blackbirds...
And finally, the scene of my meat onslaught (dinner)
They didn't even offer to brand my bum!? (their thang!?)

Love the random pleasure of walking past a fart bomb packet.. i wonder how this one was detonated!? ;)

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