Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home, Sweet? Home

We just got home this morning from the holiday. It was a blast!

I have no idea how Im going to readjust my brain to get back into work mode in a couple of days time! So much to run through, and so much jetlag about to creep in, so i might make it my mission over the weekend to put the travel diary together, rather than attempting anything right now. Need to wash my hair, and strangely feel like drinking a 6 pack of beer and taking a snooze.

Strange vibe today for some reason. my mum is ok, but a lil distant about my enthusiasm for certain spots we enjoyed (romania, why not paris, paris blah blah blah- I have no idea why she is so obsessed with me going back to paris!?), however I popped over to visit my nana who was downright disinterested and distanced. In fact i don't even think she asked me about the holiday, just a tonne of questions about Andy - and then somethink about one of our latvian relatives for being naughty in getting pregnant at 15- in the 50s!? All a bit weird. She is angry at me for going in the first place and for being 'fancy', and damn those latvian relos emailing whilst i was away to emphasise the bad sitch in latvia right now.

Anyways! I thought as I just unpacked id upload a few pics of some of my purchases in the UK. Should have bought more. Wish Id bought more (however Im saying this before i check the bank balance!)

It's all about SHOULDERS, sequined blazers & jackets, ankle booties there this year. Even Primark had blazers with Balmain Shoulderpads! Anyways here's the main roundup.

Cacharel Singlet for Liberty - ltd edition
Liberty had a collection of rereleased 70s styles by Cacharel! Most of the sizes were sold out, and the collection was out of stores on the 2nd Seprember. I snapped up this gorgeous singlet for £75 on the spot. I just HAD to own something from this collection!! The print is an absolute winner, it was almost impossible to pick the best print, but luckily i got my favourite in a style in my size! woowoo.

Cacharel and Liberty originally collaborated in the late 1960s, producing a Cacharel designed blouse in a Liberty print. Over the next decade Cacharel designs in Liberty Print became symbolic of the Carnaby Street fashion scene, and the era in general. So it is with great pride and excitement that Liberty is able to reveal its new Cacharel Liberty Print collection. Using the original retro patterns and prints, but on modern designs - the French brand has reunited its alliance with Liberty, whilst delivering a welcomed twist to vintage clothing.

If only they had the right size in the following styles (i would be a lot poorer!)
Nick and I went to Marc by Marc Jacobs where i found a pair of MJ Cut out booties that I'd been dreaming of - IN MY SIZE - for 70% off!!!

Here's a pic of them in the box (with my filthy feet in the background) I was sitting outside the pub on the ground with Nick & Wiggy at this point. Classy
The Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing seemed unreasonably expensive.. heaps of amazing things, but nothing that seemed worth it's price really? HOWEVER i went to Topshop and found this..

Topshop- £32
I would say it's almost a direct rip off of a Marc by Marc Jacobs- check out that exposed zipper on the's lovely!

Primark Military Jacket .. great cut!

Primark dress... so Dries Van Noten! It's hard to see in the photo, but it has square shoulders ala Karen Walker a couple of seasons back. £15
Primark flats £8
Well, that's all for now. I might wash my hair and possibly go for a walk. My nana ensured that I was aware Id chunked up whilst I was gone. I can't believe i look like ive put on an extra 5 keg in just four weeks!? SOOOOO unfair.

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