Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Hair + Jet Planes

I have an hour to kill til mum drives me to the airport, so it's time for a sook.

My hair looks terrible. Yes, groan, the hair. I havn't been able to stop trimming it, and it's turning into a disaster. This is where I have to step back and say "STOP". Wish i left the cut as it was, but it once again felt like she hadn't done anything. f@ck. F&CK. Plus the fixed colour is really yellowy and strange. That's like 6hrs in a hairdresser chair now, only to have it look worse than when i started.

here is the worst part... the RHS. I am too scared now to try and straighten the side up, and I cut extra in which didn't fit (all with nail scissors) That's how this happened in the first place!
Other side is normal...
Dressing for the airport COMFORT ONLY. These new Country Road trackies remind me of my primary school ones!
Mum bought me a new packpack today with wheels. Hurrah! fantastic. Urgh- the fringey cut, goddamn my DIY attitude!

Okay, it's time to go..


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