Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Sunglass retrospective

Am trying to sort out what photos Ive had and what I lost, and in doing so- I've come accross some a few pics of sunnies Ive various times, in the time that I've had a PC computer (who knows what's kickin around on the old mac!)

Karen Walker Black Super Strength. I love you.. where are you?
Wearing them on the beach in Darwin..
They went missing after I came back from WA. Have looked so many times, but unfortunately this is their last known outing..
At a Margaret River Winery called Cape Lodge.

LUCKILY i have the Super Strengths in Corn Yellow. Yes, my amazing clown glasses. me posing like a loser. (I think I was actually posing the t shirt, which I'd just sewn)
James modelling them on a Houseboat in Echuca..
Speaking of Echuca- These Ditas dissappeared after work party up there! Extremely upset about these, and trying not to lose hope that one day they will re-appear.

Speaking of dissappearing, what happened to that Karen Walker Stars necklace?
In the Gold Coast, wearing the sunglasses I miss the most!!
Brainwave!! - ebay!!!??

Noticed this photo, which is what gave me the idea to blog sunnies. Holy cow, these ditas are so paris hilton? and wrong? I remember seeing these in Scanlan and Theodore, love at first sight, and i went weak at the knees..
As with these Michael Kors sunnies, circa same time - hip to be square.
The Karen Walker Deep Freezes, that im not so sure about, but are coming overseas with me next week!
Lame photo taken in the car outside Down Yonder straight after I bought them!

Ok, that's all for now. I really really need to pack. I am sitting next to the bath, the water has probably gone cold by now!

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