Friday, July 31, 2009

Some sleep would be nice right now

Damn, i am so tired, staying in tonight, but i've drunk so much tea that I can't sleep. I just cleaned out the kitchen, behind the micro and all the awkward possies. Plan to try and get a lot of the house done this weekend- i have been lazy for weekends as long as i can remember.

good news- the album in the three weeks it's been out debuted on the American college charts at number 65, went to 54, now is at 50! Good to see it's going up, even being in the top 100 is amazing.

Discovered Maje, a cult parisienne Label today in Chapel St at lunchtime and fell in love with one of their Maxis. So gorgeous.. expensive... but worth it. Am seriously contemplating an investment after the hairdresser tomorrow, but i wonder if that money is better spent in London/berlin (and i see amsterdam has some great shops too).. Plus im just worried ill be so sick to death of maxis by summertime.. any of the ones I've worn in the past couple of years are so over now. Hate that gross, cheap looking chain-store neckline they all seem to have!
Why can't i find a single photo online of this amazing floaty silk dress!?

I've just been on net a porter seeing if there's any goodies to pass the time and make me sleepy.

Now Im a cat lover, but seeing this new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag makes me think someone on his design team has gone a little bit mad. In fact it's the ugliest bag i have seen in a while.

But it's far from gloom and doom at Marc Jacobs, with this dress being number 1 on my wishlist!! All i need to make this baby mine is a lazy $1200USD...

I can imagine drooling over these Givenchy gold boots a couple of years back. Potentially now a touch on the gaudy side, but i still respect how OTT awesome they are.

Not much else caught my eye really - a good thing! haha

Finally went and visited nana, so i am feeling a bit better about the trip as she's calmed down on my frivilous spending and 'excessive' trips to europe. (i hope!) Her and mum are contemplating going to Latvia next year to visit fam, so that'd be interesting. She's put money aside to bring andy home for christmas too.


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Dear Julia,

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Mehul said...

Hi Julia,

Where was the album ranked last week in American college charts? I hope it may be above 54.

- Jonathan G.
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