Sunday, July 12, 2009

Damnit !!!!

Tonight I was cleaning my room up, as i Always do on a Sunday night- folding my clothes, getting the clothes off the floor, getting it all into the wash.. when I stumbled accross an old basket of shoes hidden behind clothes in the wardrobe.

now, i notice this basket at the back almost daily, however I barely stop to remember what's in it, as it's always got fallen items on top of it, concealing what's inside. Tonight I pulled it out, and discovered a treasure trove of memories- old shoes!!! I forget footware so quickly, that once it's been cast aside, so Im unlikely to ever remember that I owned that pair of Camper Boots, Lisa Ho ballet Slippers, Witchery suede flats (which are only ever worn once before they stretch unwearably!) or whatever else- immediately. I have old shoes stowed all over the place, in a garbage bag above cupboards in the laundry, at my nana's, in the garage..

I imagine Im going to have to start throwing a lot of these things out, as i can't see how old 'treasures' like this are going to fit into co-habitational living areas (in fact for a while, most areas will be quad-habitational!)

To start with, my very first pair of painted shoes circa 2001. These were a weird pair of white boot/ shoes i bought new at the local Elsternwick op shop. I decided to trim them right back with scissors, and when they looked dodgy.. realised Id have to paint over them! I was going through a treeetops fairy tale stage, and i painted these ones just in time to go to a gig at the espy. I remember everyone looking at them backstage, and i got VERY embarrassed. They are so ridiculously reminscent of a time that Ill need to photograph them properly and pop them in an album or something. They evoke SUCH a strong sense of staying out all night drinking, my final year of uni, hanging out with hugh a lot, being told to look more 'indie' by my then-idiot-mooch bf!

Fairy Tale Shoes

Next up, this pair is a standard pair of pumps from Mollini. I saw a Missoni leopard print bikini in Harpers Bazaar and set out to copy them! It's amazing how much the style of the shoe can become so unchic, i would never pick such a pointy skinny looking shoe these days. In fact I don't think I could get away with wearing these these days. Whilst I still totally dig the pattern, they just look so tired and sad.

Faux Missoni Print Leopard Stilettos
Wintery, fuzzy, hairy, bumpy legs. Lovely.
I had many good nights on the town with you guys! Back in Bettina Skinny High Ace days!
*sigh* getting old..

Now these shoes were a similar idea, but gone terribly terribly wrong. I was so obsessed with the Zimmermann check pattern a few years back (silk dresses etc) that i decided to try similar on a shoe.. why not!? It worked with Missoni right? SOOO wrong. This is what happens when you go to Target to pick a pair of shoes suitable for painting. Most revolting shaped shoe of all time! (even now when i pulled them out i slightly recoiled!)
Wannabe Zimmermann print Pointy shoes (too Pointy!)

Howsabout these babies.. they look like repetto dance shoes or something! I adore the metallic green, but they wobble a fair bit when you walk on them, and hence i think i may have only worn them once (to the Opening of the Diesel store in the city) I am contemplating bringing them back, but replacing the skinny ankle strap with a ribbon (as this skinny ankle strap does not have any support to make the shoe more stable). Maybe a big silver ribbon in a bow on the sides!?... WIll this look like tragic Carrie Bradshaw tryhard?
Alex & Alex Metallic Green Shoes
(need to do my nails and take the bandaid off my toe that's been there all week!)

Here's an ioffer purchase which seems a bit naive in retrospect!.. i guess you pay for what you get! Bad Chanel flats... note that you can even see through the sole to another label! haha. I wore these once with Georgie to shop on Church St, Brighton.
Silver CC Quilted Flats (ioffer)

So Im enjoying all this when suddenly my camera is on video mode, and I can't switch it back to take more photos. It definitely WILL not click back into photo mode. Hmm. On, off, on off. Nope. It's like something has snapped behind it, and it no longer engages between the various modes.

This is bullshit because i really really need a camera in four weeks time.

So i had to finish up there with the shoe memories. Im going to watch youtube episodes of next top model, and dread going to work tomorrow!! the crew are up at Mt Buller shooting some snow stories, and apparently the weather is set to be hideous tomorrow. Oh boy, they'll come back happy chappies!!!

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