Thursday, July 9, 2009

Very Special Kids

Today at Lunch Narrelle and I got told to go to the Very Special Kids lunch at VSK House in Glenferrie Rd. It was a Garden Party for the Sponsors, so we represented work. They did a treasure hunt using sponsor clues, of course noone knew who we were! haha. Our 'station' is above.. .looks a bit sad! Old VHS gear!?

The Big Pigs out the front of the Marquis.. one has a moustache!

Some people mingling out the front... i had a bossy woman in my pig treasure hunt group, she took over for the team so i totally lost interest. The food was amazing! tempura prawns and amazing oysters with delish caviar on the top.

I am LOVING the bag. I definitely need to protect it as the leather is so lovely and lush (the smell is amazing) that I am likely to put it on the ground at the pub or something where it will soak up a tonne of beer!

Lovely red bag..
The bag and I, at one ...
It looks great with everything! I love this bag. Exceptional purchase. it is such a weight off my mind that I don't have to worry about it anymore.
There is also amazing lining but I didn't get around to taking a pic..

I have started a diet today (how boring) and I am goint to try really hard to stick to it! I have four weeks, I wanna lose 5 kegs minimum!! IN theory i should be out walking RIGHT NOW so this happens. Why arn't I? hmm. I need to wash my hair. It's going through this revolting stringy gross stage, and the roots have just popped up- am trying to figure out if i can bare a month before I have it done again!? Have been pouffing it up to the extreme with Talc!!

SCs tour starts in the States this weekend too.. the reviews have been coming through thick and fast, and they are all great ! I must start posting them for my records!!

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