Thursday, July 2, 2009

Town treats me rough!

It's been a chilly ol' Melb town this week!

Driving home from work is almost technicolour !!

Wow. I am so hungover. Had (another) impromptu drinking session last night, got rather drunk (shock horror). Made Nick ride with me to the bottle shop before it closed and buy another 6 pack of little creatures. So i drank about 12 beers or so. Felt rough as today at work. (Im a stupid girl). Jenna walks over to my desk at one stage as i was trying to look busy and makes this huge deal "You look soooooo hungover!" in front of everyone, which kind of annoyed me as i wanted to keep it on the quiet!!!! She doesn't care cos she just resigned!

Here I am drinking a Little Creatures Outside in the cold, i think that drinking from a glass makes a huge difference.
I bought this month's Russh, even though Georgie told me it was not worth it's money!
Cover does look a bit been there, done that.
I love Russh, but i think they are stuck in a style rutt. Their style icons don't change, nor do the eras they focus on in their collage spreads. hmm. Will give this new issue a chance (surprise i got a bit pissy and went to watch the chaser instead!)
Now .. THIS is what happens to me when i drink mid week.. in the poorest condition of all time. Getting ready to go to work, with a mouth full of panadol, and having drank a litre of Mango Nectar. My hair was so filthy today, it was an overwhelming sense of yuckiness on all counts. Grey, feral
By the time i finished work, i was in a tracksuit (truly) and fringe gone !!!
It's been bitterly cold the last couple of days. I met LP in the city for lunch yesterday at the RACV club, and the fire alarm went off through the entire meal, and i love that noone even acknowledged it, nor did staff make an announcement!

It was also the worst glare i have ever noticed on the road... I literally could barely see.
Then i went to the Motorbikes showroom again where I felt the PR Chick was a bit of a bully. At one point she said something like "ill take it that's a verbal agreement" and jotted "Julia verbally agrees" to something in her notebook! Considering it was a point about channel 7 Broadcast schedules- i hardly think I have any authority to agree.... verbally or otherwise !!! (cow)

Beyond that my challenge was to find the ultimate duck display window for a story about cooking duck. Who would have thought that Chinatown only had one duck display!? I did favour Victoria Street all along!

Ducks in Chinatown.
Mao restaurant, cool signage.

I noticed that Spice Guru had closed down. Hugh once said we should get indian from there because it was so cheap "how wrong could it be?" it made all of us VERY VERY ILL, especially him! So THIS is no surprise.
Am trying to walk every day, or exercise or something. I seem to be porking up. It's been a year now since i put on the extra kegs, and Im feeling fouler and more disgusting than ever before! On one of my works during lunch, i passed this dance school. It is probably the most depressing dance school i have ever come across. Look at the tired musical notes / the balloons.. out of frame there is one side of a broken iron gate with "Danse" worked into the iron work. Shame, Im sure it would have been quite grand at one time.
Okay, im going to waqsh my hair, and make an effort to get into eastbound and down. That is my goal for the evening as I can't bare being so in the dark with such a cult favourite!!!

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