Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Trip for Whiteley

Far North Queensland, Port Douglas - Brett Whiteley.
(Painted shortly before he died)

Today was a miserable day weather-wise, but very pleasant activity wise.

Nick and I took a drive up to Dromana for lunch (didn't make it into Heronswood as they were booked out, so ended up at Critterdons at a winery- very pretty, overlooking a lake etc. I had a tasting plate of all manner of delicious things, and nick had a sweet pork belly)

Heronswood say no to lunch for us. Shame.

Driving from Critterton's to Mornington where we went to the Whiteley exhibition, I saw this cluster of trees. I had to stop and photograph because there was such an gloomyness to it. I thought that maybe eventually I will paint this!

The SC's start the tour tonight in Ventura and I am itching to hear how it's all going. Marguerite has been so brief on everything, and I really wanna hear the hot goss/ see the pics of where they went.

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