Friday, July 3, 2009

Shopping on a Friday night.

Tonight I went shopping at Chaddy. I had a craving, but also i didn't really have anything on (Plus the "religious" meeting of Essendon & Collingwood on the field met no lps!) So, i went shopping. Here starts my self indulgent shopping blog!

New season is starting to come out, so i got very excited thinking about all the things Im gonna need for overseas. I need some really practical dresses, some boyfriend jeans, some good flats, some nice sandals (if only i didn't throw my bright yellow jellies out on leaving london last year- i miss them so much! So weird to think i had enough of all Haivanas, jellies and any other rubber footware- to the point of absolute disgust in London- that i threw them all out!! When i came home i had to buy a whole new set of Haivanas, cos australia made me normal again)

I took some pics of things i am thinking of ...

New Sass and bide dress.. yeehhaa!~

It's damn cool, but i think im getting a bit old to have so much flab popping out the sides. Why do they cut under the arms so low, i would never stop thinking about it if i was to wear this out! What happened to the days I was so desperate to wear backless tops.. they are well and truly finito.

I have tried this dress on before, boy have i wanted to like it. Fact of the matter, the print just isn't that COOL. The top part LOOKS like it's going to be cool... but it's not! It's unflattering, and you will be able to see any bra you wear, even if it's strapless. I like the looseness, but let's face it- it aint happening (Shame, it's on sale)
Im thinking this is a yes. I had to try on a size 1, and it was a tiny bit small. I liked the boobs (shock horror) I love the print. I love that it's not see through. But Im just not sure about spaghetti straps. (for me, right now) I think i would wear this a lot come summer tho. It's on the 'maybe pile'.

I want sleeves, but this dress is a joke. Zimmermann get your shit together, you have amazing patterns.. what is going on with all these unflattering cuts!?

In MYER.. they had the CHANEL 5154s!! I totally - FLIPPED OUT !!!!! The ones i wanted too (plain black).. I got really nervous.. thinking, how am i going to justify this purchase, what will i sell (okay, i have multiple karen walker sunnies.. which ones will i offload to justify this!?) I was almost shaking with excitement waiting for someone to serve me, guarding the Chanel Cabinet- just in case.

But then, the chick came and got them for me, and they were an unremarkable experience. Not right, not cool. Too small. Not big + round enough.

(Phew Kind of a relief - a $490 relief!!! It is amazing how sunglass prices soar.. a few years back i bought the super spesh chanel styleof the time, and they were a whopping 350$. They were considered so insanely overpriced.. and yet now Chanels are all close to five hundie, and yet my pay remains the same. fuckkitttgrrrmph)

For a moment i forgot about clothes, when PETS PARADISE had JAPANESE SPITZ's (THE DOG I WANT COS NICK WON'T LET ME GET A SAMOYED!!). They are charing $1800 per puppy!!!! WHAT THE !? I am sure when i asked a breeder last year she said around $1100.

They were hard to photograph cos they were so popular, and getting so much attention, and flipping around like cute little sausages.
IN Zimmermann I saw a girl trying on the Witches Frill Maxi, which i have never paid any attention to. omfg.. she looked AMAZING. She was wearing black studded ankle boots. I want this dress SO BAD. there is one left at QV .. I am going to race down in the morning and try it on.
So this is my aim tomorrow. But i finally got ONE "Overseas essential"... comfortable pants!! yay! I got Sass and Bide Crackerjacks from Djs on SALE !!! YAY! In black, so pleased. I have NO IDEA how to wear cargos. I got home and REALLY Struggled. All my tops are billowy, so i just looked really fat!

I decided to worry about it later, and so im at nick's watching NZ reality show "Renters" whilst they play cricket on xbox. This show is amazing, the landlady they focus on is such a stingey cow. It's just incredible!!!..

New pants... worn with ug boots & surrounded by mess! eeek. Big clean this weekend.

eeek.. so baggy... awesome.. but what do i wear with them!??!?!
NOT UGS. that is a given.

Mini heart attack when i saw Netaporter SALE was on.. but my MARC JACOBS Heart Cut out flats arnt on sale, shame because I think they'd fit on my "Overseas Essentials" list!

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