Friday, July 17, 2009

YSL Arty

So it's not long now until I go overseas. Can't wait, Nick is itching for it. BUT the big problem is - no camera! So Im not even able to take shots of my new Metallic Red Bloch Ballet slippers (I think i have a real thing for dance shoes!), nor my Zara leather jacket I bought on ebay this week (which I can't stop wearing- i think this new jacket has changed my wardrobe, and definitely made the idea of going overseas a lot easier!)

Have been thinking about my birthday, and had a momentary interest in buying myself one of these YSL Arty rings.. they are only 195 on netaporter! seem like such a luxe bargain.

I would probably go with the first or second styles... the white is lovely and would be such a standout!

Alice Euphemia has had a jewelery sale, incl. Lucy Folk jewelery. I emailed asking how much the pretzel necklace was reduced to, but didn't receive a response. Perhaps lucky.. if they had written back i would have probably taken it as a 'sign' and rushed in.

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Cotton Socks said...

i tried on the YSL rings when i was in perth last year at cult status. i found them to be kind of uncomfortable. they didnt have my size in stock so i didnt get one.
i was the size 8 which is the biggest size and i didnt really think i had wide fingers until then.

they have some on their website as well.
i went back a few weeks ago because they called to say my size was in but they were closed (my flight got delayed)
im hoping to try them on again some day in the right size to see if its more comfortable.
i felt like i couldn't bend my finger while wearing it.

but i think im prepared to deal with the pain for the ring.
you should def get one!

oh p.s i also got the house of harlow necklace! the black leather stations one! i love it but have no idea what im going to wear it with.