Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mish Mash + House Hunt

Okay so i should really have things to write about- but because I have no camera right now/ drink too much little Creatures on an almost daily basis/ suffer chronic laziness- shock horror - no diarising my daily nothings!

I picked up the finished SC album from Scott's house yesterday in kensington (which now has me romanticising about a home off Macaulay St somewhere near where he lives- the pretty leafy part of kensington you see from the train when you catch a train to the showgrounds!) The album looks amazing! Must take some pics.

LPs and I booked in a trip to Amsterdam today- so in 2 weeks we're looking at London- Berlin- Bucharest- Brasov - Amsterdam. Am trying to figure out what sort of wardrobe i need and it's becoming ridiculously difficult. Apparently it's raining in london, it's mild in berlin, it's boiling in romania! London is the trickiest bit, it's just too hipster to be true, and i feel like I need to bring a whole range of clothes just for the few days I am there!

I went to pick up this american apparel anorak today, and discovered it wasn't even waterproof- so what a useless jacket! I breathed through the nylon, and it wasn't even windbreaker! Why would anyone pick this noisy nylon, if it didn't even work for what you'd buy it for- it's a "fake"! It's listed as "Rain repellant" and costs $161. The chicks in the changeroom were extremely rude too, I kind of got the "what the uff do you want, interrupting our conversation?"
It's a shame because i could see myself wearing this with ease... with jeans, and a pair of Converse Lights in Milk. General walking around in the rain type of gear.
I think they are better than any of the high tops i have, definitely better if i want to wear with a dress or shorts (which i won't, my white blotchy legs are covered in bruises right now and certainly not in summer condition!)

Anyways so after booking the remainder of the trip, and having it all paid off (or on our cc's at least!) i started thinking about buying a place, and where we are going to look. Whilst the idea would be south yarra/ windsor/ east st kilda... i think i probably have to widen my persepctive and get out of my comfort zone. The shoebox single front we saw a few weeks back, just off punt rd, went close to 600k i think... which was a bit of a shock as it was so lacking in space, and didn't have the best vibe. Plus, let's face it- this is out of our budget!

So looking into kensington i saw this new york townhouse, quite in love with the idea of it...

New York Latte Lifestyle Price Guide: $370,000-$400,000
Close to the river, transport, shops and city, this contemporary 2 BR, 2-storey New York style apartment with central spiral staircase, skylights and vaulted ceilings is sensational. Features two balconies, polished floor boards, spacious bathroom, intercom and remote control under cover parking. I think you would go insane with vaulted ceilings!

Outdoor entertaining + trees- check.
Floorboards, not claustrophobic- check. (from photos at least!)
Upstairs bedroom, ok.

This house is so gross, that I love it. It's captured my imagination with the type of amazing (& expensive) renovation you would be able to do on it! It's in West Footscray, so not exactly my south yarra dream, however I think im going to consider further afield...

I can almost already see the junkies crawling around the house waiting to break in and steal all my treasures!

Footscray's cheapest house? In need of plenty of work this single front home: *Comprises two bedrooms $290,000
*Separate formal lounge and central bathroom
*Land measuring approximately 10 x 28.6m
*Dining area adjoining kitchen
*Off street parking via side driveway
*Walk to station, Seddon or Footscray shopping
*Entry level real estate but not for the faint hearted - haha.

I would paint this a super light, warm creamy colour (with a tinge of yellow, but mainly creamy white) and keep the trim super glossy white. (Consider the bright green glossy doors) Floorboards. Skylight. Lots of paintings- a very nice entrance!

Sit down, let me pour you a brandy..
The photos on the fireplace means that this house was lived in- awww, grandparents. I wonder if they 'passed over' or went on to nursing homes? It's sad, there's only 2 bottles + 1 caraffe on the bar. The room is way too small for that bar, but imagine in it's heyday- what a feature!

Wall w/ heater knocked down (opening up to kitchen), floorboards, paintings, no bar. Room totally lightened up.
I'll get to work on dinner prep in the kitchen..
wow, what a nightmare. I think the tiles could be painted with tile paint as a temporary solution- but probably better this kitchen was the first thing to go. I would never like anything I made in here- it would always feel yucky.
Just imagine sitting down here with the weekend papers, fresh juice and a nice brekkie. Could not wait to paint these walls- and they would look nice too because the verticle lines of the wallboards. This would be opened up as part of the kitchen/ living room scenario. I imagine these walls are hollow and it would not be such a drama.

So the wall with the fireplace gets the knock.. pictures of the bathroom are suspiciously absent!

Phew. So i have a vision for that dump, but it's not going to happen anytime too soon! I wish there were more (cheap), run down, little edwardian or victorians where i wanted them to be!!

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