Friday, August 7, 2009

Last minute additions

I can't believe it's just a couple of sleeps and Ill be on a plane to London via Dubai. Excitement building. Can't wait to get away from the hoohar that was GTTGL and the office and the generally boring vibes of late. Everyone seems to be slumping, but there is such a palpable feeling of dissatisfaction with the people around me, that I just can't wait to get away from it all- ride bikes, go to pubs, eat Bratwurst, hike in the Carpathian Mountains!

In the last weekend before I go I did a wee bit of shopping. Got a bigger size in the converse, now they're good. Bought Nick some plain white High Top all stars & found him a great Saba shirt for $4 in the Op shop just up the street! Hope it fits. It's almost the same check as Country Rd right now- but blue and orange.. awesome.

Mum bought me this Gorman top this week, reduced from 249 to just 60 !!! I have loved this fabric all season..
The only problem is that I didn't try it on, and the shape is terrible. It's seriously a +5kg top, it's really wide, cropped, and the neckline is so Grandma. Im going to take it with me this week and see how i go.
Could not get a flattering shot wearing this top no matter what I did!

I went in to Target today to buy undies, then totally forgot to buy any! I stumbled accross this Maxi dress with butterfly sleeves, and was quite taken with it- so practical! I love a maxi with sleeves that's not Amish. Not to keen on that butterfly pattern on the fabric, but I think you can barely recognise what it is! $55. WOO.

Ties up in a bow at the back.
Great sleeves!
Tinkerbelle is going through a phase where she will ONLY sit on the couch arm. It's super cute.

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