Monday, August 10, 2009

Packing w/ a Lost Suitcase

So, how does one lose a suitcase?

I have no idea, they are hardly the most missable of items to store!

Which is why Im so baffled- my favourite backpack/suitcase (it's a suitcase w/ wheels, shaped like a backpack, that turns into a wearable backpack when you unzip the straps on the back- perfect solution for all travel scenarios) has vanished! There is maybe 10 places in the house where it could have been stored when i came back from overseas last year, however all of them have come up luggage-less. So confusing. I have double, triple, quadrouple checked. Nada.

Aside from this Ive only got access to mum's bags, which arnt really suitable (too big/small/heavy) so we probably need to run into town in the morning to pick something new up- quelle hassle!

I think i also need to fit in another trip to the hairdresser. I am being terribly pedantic, but I think my proxy hairdresser, Kristy, did a v average job. Im just not sure if it's my imagination, or if it looks like I am almost due for the hairdresser. This is a full head a week after.
I know i know, it's not THAT bad, but Im just thinking about being without proper hair styling facilities, it's going to be a shocker in a couple of weeks time!

Packing wise, things are under control. Im hoping I have covered all the toiletry bases..
On the way to Dubai I am going to read these mags + alex james book/ louis theroux book (in between all the sleeping, haha)
I plan to buy more magazines at the airport. Im realising magazines are becoming more and more a waste of money. I felt near pain trying to get through this month's Harpers, in fact i don't think i finished it, let alone gave it a second flick through!

Shoes. Almost thinking about taking Marc jacobs jellies/ runners. Looking a bit sparse?!
One thing i did decide was that i well and truly ruined my yellow leather/beige canvas Mimco bag with chain handles last year travelling. It's not worth putting the Marc Jacobs in harm's way, I pulled this one out of the cupboard- i am being so sensible! Old peachy Mimco, w/ a long mimco strap off another tan bag. Geez i be over Mimco, but this will suit my travels nicely.
ok. I went to bed at 3am last night, and it's 1:08AM now. I think i need to sleep, Deep deep long white space........


Cotton Socks said...

omg. same thing happened with my hair!
i got a full head of foils and it looked like i never had my hair done
so i went to another hairdresser yesterday and got them to fix it.( they said the first time it didnt process or something? meh)
maybe there is something in the air. ha ha
i havent started packing for my trip yet. but we leave tomorrow. u seem organised !
good luck and safe travels.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

haha, thankyouuu! Where are you going!? :S YAY! I was so happy to leave work today - see ya suckers!

To quote my nana "Are u having your hair done before you go?"

"well... yes, it IS done!?"

I went back and i think she's almost humoured me- i am SUPER DUPER blonde. I am seeing someone different cause my normal hairdresser is taking a break. Im not digging her- the toner doesn't seem to work, and i feel brassy + yellowy in spots!!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

ps. I was packing the night before, then realised i didn't have a suitcase! now THAT'S organised! hehe.