Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Packing for Euro Summer 09

Today I was at work when I received an sms with the best news possible before an overseas holiday (for someone who has had a stupid broken camera for the last few weeks)

WELL- Camera was fixed in 1/4 the amount of time I was told, and it was ready to be picked up at Teds!! AMAZING news!!!! I was planning to take Marcus' old camera as an emergency, but it was fancy and jam packed with difficult settings, and last night I gave up in frustration because I couldn't work out how to get the flash on. Now i needn't stress because I will be with m'ol faithful, Canon. Crisis averted.

So i decided to start packing + figuring out what will be my euro 09 summer wardrobe. Unfortunately I can't get the Maxi dress in HOSS out of my head. Maje. I am in two completely opposite minds on this. I can't find a single photo of this dress online, which i find utterly bizarre.

1. I am moving out come Sep and won't be able to afford such luxuries soon if all our saving goes to plan.
2. It is a stylish maxi which i would wear all the time- loose and tentish, but not too oversized and unflattering.
3. It has a beautiful neckline for a maxi.
4. It is totally cool and I love it.
5. It would be amazing in all cities- including back in Melbs- day or night.
7. I got a big Tax return

1. I am going on an overseas holiday next week.
2. I have these moments all the time where I am overcome with emotion for an item of clothing, eg the Maxi Zimmermann, which I am now relatively over (it will not make it into my suitcase)
3. We want to buy a house.
4. can only make the excuse I need this and will wear it every day only so many times (similar to #2)
5. I may want to go bananas shopping in Topshop / general UK/ Berlin vintage. (I think this is the most important one right now!!)
6. I need to save my tax return (and pay for my accountant!)

blah blah blah. # 7 should be, get some perspective on important things! :)

There is this style in a drab tie dye called the Gladys made by Maje, slightly similar neckline- but that's where the similarity ends.

So on the weekend I saw these boots- a cross between a granny boot and a doc marten- at Cotton On (Rubi) and despite hating all their shoes, and knowing i would never wear them- I bought them! I brought them home and shoe polished them black- however I think once I polished them they went back to brown. I loved them so much I planned to wear them out on Saturday night HOWEVER as soon as I had them on with my outfit i thought they looked clunky and too grunge. So, I won't wear them, but here they are..

Was wondering if there are any ideas for bad hair days whilst os- scarf bow?
Is this a bit Melbourne Cup? aka Fascinator?
Possibly, but i think I dig it!

Okay, so moving on to the OS basics. I think the Zara Leather jacket will come with me everywhere, not sure what dresses i want to bring, cause all my summer stuff is a bit NQR to think about right now (maje? haha) FINALLY bought some black haivanas.
Sass & Bide Tunic, tights, jacket, thongs- wear wherever?

See by Chloe tunic + tights + converse lows = bike riding berlin
(Provided i can exchange them for a bigger size, they are so uncomfortable!)
Vintage Bessi + Bloch ballet flats. Considering for birthday Berlin outfit?

Okay... need to keep thinking about this.. but too tired! Had a sneaky sixy at nick's last night, so i think it's caught up on me now.

My oldest workmate resigned yesterday to start up a business. Will be interested to see how that all goes. Probably should be sad, but just wanna get out of the office for a bit before my mid year slump kicks in to the max!!

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