Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jeans 4 Sale.

I was in sportsgirl on friday night and saw these shoes. I think they are a YES. they are so cute and practical, and remind me of the first pair of marc jacobs shoes i ever got- a pair of floral slip-on sneakers !!!
Clearing out my closet(s) is going to be a problematic process. I think once Ive moved out and am sharing closet space w/Nick in the built - in (NOOOOOOO) i will look back and think i have two rooms.. 3 closets + 3 chests of drawers, all jam packed with clothing.. how did i wear it all.. I don't! I am definitely going to need at least one extra big wardrobe & one big chest of drawers anyways.

In regular mass- clear outs I have learnt that buying cheap tops, dresses, shoes etc is a total waste of time, i dont wear any of them! good jackets (such as MJ, scanlan + theodore and zimmermann) i will hold on to for ever.

Task 1- Sell my old jeans. Pulled these ones out of a study drawer.

it's amazing how wrong denim can become. All my old Bettina liano jeans with button flys, flared legs (which at the time were the most flattering cut out- i remember everyone exclaiming with my first bettina liano jeans how tight they were- they look like big hobo flares now!? so wrong) I am selling multiple Bettinas, after selling my ACE high jeans for a great price last week.

This is a classic pair, non stretch, first to go up.. urgh, they look so huge and gross when hung against the door. I remember all this fuss about how they were Denim imported from Italy (back when Bettina was the hottest thing) & I was totally sucked into this hoohar. But the denim is gross! it's soo... blue!? and THICK.
This pair crack me up. There was a Calvin Klein sale at Prahran Town hall in 1999 (when i was 19) and i went along and bought a few pairs of jeans. I recall the hysteria about this style because of it's amazing retro back pockets. They are an original 70s style calvin. I bought them on the pocket alone, definitely not the fit as i never wore them!
The next day my girlfriend Linda comes into work, sooo oexcited that she had just bought the same pair of jeans!! She was wearing them too! Likewise i think she would be equally horrified if she realised the fit were something like those feral homie 26 red pants. Loose on the thighs! ew.
No seriously, yuck reflecting on the disgusting cut.... looks like a man's jean!?
Really, really bad. I wonder if ANYONE will be interested in them!!!

But, it's not all bad jeans, I am putting up my Citizens for Humanity Jeans i got from Cactus Jam.. they are soooooooo nice. the denim is the best Ive ever seen. I got them before i went to london last year, but thought they were too tight for a euro Summer. Now i dont fit them anymore. Thought i might as well get rid of them, as even if i do fit into them again, i dont think i want anything so "spray on"

I'm saying bye bye to this PRIMARK teal trench coat which looks EXACTLY like Cacharel. It is the most awesome 70s teardrop pattern, but it's so unflattering! (looks quite subdued in the pics, which it is not) I remember saying to georgie as we tried them on that it looked bad, but we were in the Primarni state of mind "it costs nothing!" that i bought it anyways. I have not worn a single thing i bought at Primark.
Georgie never wore her either. She saw it worn wrong, and left it over there!

This t shirt is SO quirky and weird. I only wore it once to work, and i remember there being a bit of a hoohar about it (that i was 'experimental' - which at the time made me quite self conscious!) It's a J'ADore Dior t shirt from the early noughties, which i think is the same time that Galliano took over and did all the amazing AMAZING mohawk beanies, saddle bags and the huge gold glasses. Galliano can be seen lurking around the front. I almost want to keep this for something bizarre when i have my own daughter.. hmm..
My mum paid almost $300 for this Metallic yarn Saba top when i was at uni for me, so bizarre as it's so not me. Strangely i got home this week and found it in the bin along with some country road and ted baker tops!!??! ("why mum? .."you don't wear them") err.. ok. So ive listed it on ebay. It was such a blast from the past when i found it in the bin!
Speaking of jumpers + blasts from the past..
This Scanlan and Theodore top seems like a weird purchase in retrospect. It was when i was working on Melbourne Woman, i bought it specifically to wear to the Loreal Melb Fash Festi at Fed Square- the opening night party. I remember sipping little bottles of Moet, being introduced to all the designers... and feeling really stylish. but i swear, it never ever looked good again!? I look at it now, and it just seems so nothing.. it's incredible how badly scanlan ages. I would expect ten bucks for this, considering how much you pay it's craazzzzyy returns!!!
This lace dress is a possibility. I havn't listed it yet, Im wondering if i should wait until Summer. It's lovely- very Susien Chong Lover !!! OR should i make it into a top. I don't think it's quite working on me, as it's hard to wear with a belt.
Contemplating putting my tie dye Sass and Bide top up, so Ive taken a pic of it. It's sooo unflattering- the type of cotton makes me feel wobbly? So much happier with the way they have started cutting their tops. Noone 'gets' this top. i find myself always saying "it's SASS AND BIDE" when i get a comment, which is lame and annoying of me as a justification.
This dress is kinda gross. It has this yucky open triangle top to it, but the inside is all stained. I have decided to cut this bit off, and add some thick straps and make it a tent dress. Maybe even some elastic at the top and i could wear it as a strapless tent. It's metallic lurex- could be cool!
I just sold this Zimmermann lace dress about a week ago, i was soo frustrated when i saw in the daylight it had a weird yellowing on the inside. Took it to the drycleaner and paid $18 after Id sold it. grrrmph. I bought it for Spain, the only time i wore it, it was pouring with rain and went totally see through!! Not a good purchase..
Standing, totally soaking wet in a street in Barcelona - wearing the white dress!

+ i just sold the Babooshka Zimmermann dress.. it's ADORABLE, but wasnt practical. I think i wore it once to work with a SAMBAG black studded belt. and once when i was in the garden trying to photograph my new bike, which is now my old bike.
What's with Zimmermann favouring suck see through fabric!!? My current WANT in store right now is sooo see through, damnit.

Gitana, Scalloped Maxi..

ok. Im knackered. This is WAYYYY too much information, I need to go to sleep and get rid of these hideous germs !!!!!


Cotton Socks said...

u must keep that white lace lover style dress!!!
its stunning!
imagine wearing it in summer sipping on mojitos.

i have that zimmerman blue top! i love it but i find it hard to style. mine is just the top version and its hard to match it with a bottom.

i tried on that zimmerman maxi dress last week at gpo and the neckline is all weird!! it made my boobs sit in a weird place. i dunno. but i love the print. im going to try and find the version that has sleeves. maybe its at QV store.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Thanks so much for the tip on the new Zimmermann dress.. why do they keep doing that with these maxis!? I find exactly the same thing!!! It's such a gorgeous print... i bet it's too see through and i would end up re selling it anyways!

I had real issues with the Babooshka dress -too I would have preferred the top!! Interesting you say it's hard to style, cos so was the dress!!

When I bought it, i had this I had this idea it was 'transeasonal' and Id be wearing it with tights and tan boots, but the heart lace trim on the hem made that all wrong. Plus it was the most unflattering shape :(