Friday, June 12, 2009

Pamela Love

Im so hungover. I went and saw SC's at Old Bar last night with Jeremy on drums. Flippin awesome, but i got pulled up for the last song, and was SO smashed i was hitting mic/rims instead of the skins. *Shudder*. I thought i would let loose cos i didnt have to play, and boy did i do that! Paul just says to me now "you know how i know that you were drunk, you were sitting on the chair, slowly tilting until suddenly you were horizontal on the floor. I also managed to fall out of my seat in the Maxi Taxi coming home. I can't wait until tomorrow so i can drop the post pissup anxiety!! It seems to get worse each time i drink.

As a result my hangover today was like someone took my brain out of my head, kicked it around, popped it back in all bruised- i swear i could feel it moving around in my skull this morning. Nick and i drove to maccas, and i ate TWO sausage mcmuffins. THAT's how hungover i am/was!

So, i have been online ALL day + watching Louis Therouxs i havnt seen. We've just downloaded the one set in a Paedophile clinic in the States, very excited to see it. I also discovered PAMELA LOVE jewelery whilst looking at Sea Of Shoes Blog (my god that girl lives my fashion DREAM) and i am particularly fond of these pieces... the Talon in particular!!

Wow, she looks SO beyond stylish all the time!!! How is the amazing maxi dress, and i would kill to own the leather jacket.. Chanel?

I saw these amazing ray bans recently in a magazine, they were really oversized and i loved them. I didnt write the name down so when looking for them on the Ray Ban website I found an awesome novelty program. You can test their Sunnies out!

Unfortunately these ones make me think of the Wire Ditas i lost over Christmas. I still havn't found my black Karen Walker Super Strengths. I was hoping either pair would appear in the car, but clearly ive been careless somewhere :(

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