Monday, June 15, 2009

See by Chloe!

I own a See By Chloe Silk Dress!!! Finally, my dreams are realised :) This morning i picked up my new SEE BY CHLOE dress from the postoffice- It came from NZ. Anyways i realise in the car driving to work that it looks tiny! I slipped it on before training at lunchtime, and indeed, it's tight across the bust and splits my boobs into a blobbish mess. Shit.


But- I decided that this dress is amazing, i MUST try to make it work before it goes on ebay, even if it just comes down to losing some weight. This dress can be an extra incentive, as it is SO london w/ jeans or tights and sandals. Better yet occurs to me that wearing it open looks ten times cooler anyways! and it totally matches all the House of Harlow jewlery that arrived today!

So i have the feather art deco inspired necklace, Large sunburst pendant + Gold medallion. I think the Gold Medallion is a bit too yellow, and reminds me of Sportsgirl. On Nicole Ritchie it looks so huge cos she is so tiny, but i think unless im wearing precisely the right thing it's going to get lost in the outfit.

Said piece i am contemplating selling. hmm. Should i think this through first, originally it was the first one i wanted! Kinda wish instead of feather necklace, i got the same thing in black to match the sunburst. Or would that be too much?

Tinky just popped up. She is purring like a tractor and in the mood for some serious headbutting for affection action. What a cuttieee patoootie!!!

It's 12:29AM and i better go to bed. I feel like watching more on journeyman tv channel on youtube, Im almost compelled to look but must snooze. If i stayed at Nick's we would be welll and truly fast asleep on the couch. Saw a doco on Detroit last night about the demise of the car industry, and thus the city is the creepiest ghosttown of all time. It's vacant lots, derelect buildings, and zero traffic or people. Quite sad really.

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