Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nick turns 29

Yeeeesh. We are almost 30 !!! Today is Nick's 29th Birthday. This time next year, he'll be starring at his 30s. What the hell just happened? I finished school, blinked, and now Im almost 30!!

Here is Nick in front of home, ready to go out to Pacific Seafood w/ my mum & Paul. We decided to go at 5:30 because it seemed early enough not to need a booking, but they were jam packed! We did get a table.. but our "Fuck off Oranges" came half way through the meal (an attempt to get us to hurry up i wonder?) hehe. I made a discovery there tonight- their Oysters are the best Ive ever had. Huge, meaty, zero slime, very mild flavour & delightful steamed with Ginger! That is a new staple.
Nick is wearing the Country Road Check Shirt + Blue Sportscraft jumper that i bought for him for his birthday.

Here we are drinking post dinner Hot Chocolates in the fancy chocolate place on Toorak Rd (cnr Chaps) I love the illusion that Nick's Huge hand is mine. haha.
Brothers.. LOVE the electric blue of Nick's jumper.
My Winter Spice Hot Chocolate... delicious, thick.. and made me nauceously feel like being sick towards the last sip. I think i had some sort of "ganache" overload !!!
Here is the fruit flan i bought from AVIV this morning, but i think that we're feeling too overloaded to eat any! It's all Aviv delish custard inside. I was imagining bumping into my nana
in Glenhuntly Rd, i literally jumped in the car and drove off without any shoes (i thought i could grab some when i got home, cos i only had heeled boots here). Imagine that! I would have been disowned for ever.. hanging out in the euro bakery, no shoes.
I have a cosmetic issue. I was blaming Dior foundation i bought last year, which is when i first noticed this... but i think the Studio Fix has brought it back with a vengeance !!!! My eyelids are soooo dry, they have gone all wrinkly and are literally PEEELING. It's fucking weird. This better go away tout suite!

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