Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My crappy day.

So here is the hail this morning in hawthorn outside the office... seriously thought it was snow for a second, in some spots it was so thick!!!

It rained and hailed bigtime last night!!! So cold. I got drunk at Nick's house, I finished my Coopers Green and we had to ride to the bottle shop to get more booze. I ended up snoozing on the floor in front of the heater then went to bed. (Feel like a total trashbag, and need to cut out the booze to lose some weight asap !!) Woke up at 4am freaking out about my shoot in sydney today... it's a waterfront restaurants feature and the forecast was looking bad. Woke up to do same ol routine of driving home to get changed (hungover) at 7AM. Felt hungover all day, feel fluish now. Think it's just the hangover. Luckily weather didn't end up being too bad in sydney.

Also Feeling miserable at the moment. Feel like i need a career change or something.. i seem to be massively behind everyone or something, dont know how ive ended up so old and crap at everything i do lately. My mum is having a go at my lack of ambition. Hmph.

SO MORE BAD NEWS.. My Marni flats arrived today. The colour is out of this world- i have never seen a blue hue like it!! However, the second i put them on i knew... I wont wear these. They are unflattering and my feet look soooooo long. The elastic is really loose too. So bummed, thinking i will pop them back up on ebay (not photographed on tho - that would be counter productive!!)

the black strap makes my feet look bigger than ever. No, defo can't keep these. DAMN U SIZE 41 !!!!
And then MORE BAD NEWS. the Marc Jacobs backpack i bought from shopbop arrived.. it was not like i thought it would be. I bought this specifically for travelling, and it's SOOOO impractical. It has a drawstring close at the top which is attached to the straps (which are super loose- so it will flop around when bike riding).

Ok so it's super cute.. but - it doesnt actually CLOSE!!!! wtf!! it will always be a bit open.... this is not really suitable for a Romanian vacation!!! My gypsy fears will be at fever pitch with this bag. I will probably end up ebaying this. I found a shop in sydney who can send me house of harlow locket + Sunburst necklace next week, so i need the cashish anywhoo.

Rob me! Rob me! my bag doesn't close AT ALL....
The straps are sooooo long and lightweight....
But the Marc Jacobs lining is amazing...
Just looking at photos of how impractical this bag is makes me think i better put it on ebay TOUT SWEET.

Tonight i am thinking of doing some sewing. This is my partially finished project- green floral neck ruffle collar thing. It ties in a bow at the front, but it looked a bit skew whif, so i photographed it back to front. Will need to wear it with a plain black top/ dress i think- NOT sass and bide leopard!?

And finally, so excited, have some items on ebay and they are having random results.. this LOVER by Susien Chong oversized t shirt dress thing has 43 people watching it !?!? and is currently at 99$ (yay i bought it at the Lover sale for 85)

I also have Ace High bettina liano jeans which have a tonne of bids, yay! (i thought they were SO passe, but currently at $100- fingers crossed!)

Most recent best sale- I made $140 on these Karen Walker Sir Bookie sunnies last week!!! Couldnt believe it (found them at Siricco for 60$! almost fell over!) I guess none of the ladies who shop for Dolce at Siricco would know how amazing KW is !!!!

I sound like an ebay entrepeneur, but i am SOOOOO shit with money. Sighh. Wish i was I was GOOD at something right now!!!

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