Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mac Studio Fix works!

Jeez. Im so dumb. Just as i forget about the weevil incident (shudder) & I log on, I rememeber Ive written about it AND posted a pic from google images. yeesh!

I took that pic of tink a few moments ago, now gizzy is sitting next to her, it's cat sandwich!

Good news on the makeup front. I got a sample of MAC Studio fix (last time i bought it they sold me a dark brown shade, I looked ridiculous!!!) anyways i wore it all day yesterday WITH the flu, got home and it was still IN PLACE!!! yesss... here t'is. Shade 37....

The only prob with this miraculous discovery is that i bought a new Bobbi Brown Warm beige on the weekend. It reacts with my eyes and make them bloodshot, i totally forgot. I will add this to my dud container of expensive foundations.

Was super happy with my outfit today but only thought to photograph as i was jumping into the car, with the neighbours opposite had to do it quick smart so as not to look silly and vain! Grey overload. My Cable cardigan from Cactus jam- i wore it to death last winter, but it is great with this Scanlan and Theodore Dress!

I got a solid 8 hours last night, but i woke up feeling like garbage. Had to literally drag myself off the couch (where i fell asleep) and make a move. I think im still a bit fluish and my back is faaarkkkedd! Mum has given me a heat rub to use, a heat bag + nurofen to take the pain down. (At training today i was lying on the floor doing abwork, when i went to sit up, i felt my back spring out making back pain worse! It's been a week now). Why did i do a normal session?

Awwwwww, Adorable.

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Cotton Socks said...

im so jealous of your house of harlow goods!!
ive been waiting for miijo to get them in stock for ages.
i only have a couple of pieces but really want more.
and they said it would be mid june and now today i find out its more like the end of july.
where did you find yours?
please shareeeeee?