Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night LPs was watching a doco about world economics with his eyes closed.. cute.
Today was possibly the coldest i have ever been!!! I went on a Caravan shoot in Rosebud/ Sorrento and we shot overlay of a Jayco caravan for a competition. I swear, the cameraman was purple! (i would say, corpse-ish!) My favourite part was the rep of the caravan company, who was flown down from brisbane for the day... but he didnt actually DO anything, and had ZERO interest in caravans. "So what are the features we need to hilight?"

.. "um, i don't actually know.."

Here is a pic of him photographing the cameraman photographing the Pop top caravan being driven up the hill (I guess to show what he did on his trip to Melbourne)

It was BITTERLY cold, the wind off the water was arctic, but luckily the sky was blue! (ish) I HAVE to start a diet this week, i am looking grotesque- my legs are like big fat triangles!!! I have chosen some outfits for inspiration.

Karen Walker from her current collection... left hand side. That white blouse + high cut jeans with the WHITE BOOTS!!! Yowzer. Mostly i think it's the white blouse I love. i would probably wear it with skinny dark jeans, but not quite as high cut.

And this next one is absolutely adorable and Im shocked i havnt already been in the city myer trying to find it. The watermelon number on the right... the frills, the length, the boots. It screams, lose a few kegs and buy me please!!!
And finally, this collar!?!? MY collar... frighteningly similar, except mine ties with a bow. Cute tho.

Very excited, i am going to see SCs play with Jeremy on drums tonight! Have to admit im a little scared to leave the house again cos it feels like my body temp is in the negative!!!! Am i going to get the swine yet?..


Cotton Socks said...

hey there :) thanks for finding my blog.
it is FREEZING in melbourne right now. my feet are going to snap off i swear.
cant believe your pic of snow in hawthorn! i didnt know that happened!
Good luck with the house of harlow. u will love it!
i cant wait for miijo to get the starburst necklace in. i wonder if it will look too much paired with my ring?

the marc jacobs backpack is super cute! damn u pickpocketers!!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Thankyou! I only just noticed this. I LOVE my house of harlow. At first i thought it was too yellow, but now im IN LOVE. the starburst is incredible. I can't wear it all at once though. If you get the double sunburst maybe together?? :)