Sunday, June 28, 2009

3:55AM Wake Up Call for MJ

This Marc by Marc Jacobs Stripee Zippee Groovee Bag is going off on ebay tonight, and i MUST buy it. I love it so much. It ticks all my bag boxes. Great colour, the cool details (zips & zip pulls) the long strap, the lining.. I love it i love it.. I am determined. Fingers crossed it doesn't go too high. I really don't want to go much over 350 all up (from america w/ postage included) FINGERS CROSSED !!!

May ther ebay gods be on my side.

Today was the end of the Nick Festivus.. i feel like i never want to eat again, and straight after i finish off this post, i am going to research all the low fat, low carb food i am switching to for the next six weeks. i have given myself enough time to lose 5kg before I go overseas, so im gonna have to be pretty strict. What a shieeet i just heard on the news wintery conditions predicted all week + hail + rain + wind. DAMNIT.

Here we are prepping for Cake Number 2 today.
Start of the day... Elisha looking sweet. Monobrow as pronounced as ever. Have a fantasy about drawing a big thick mono on her, ala Simpsons baby!
Nick tried to get a birthday cuddle, no chance mate.
She KB'd Nick and went straight for Uncle Byron. I think sometimes it felt like the paparazzi were in the room with all the SLR cameras! (obviously not mine)
Olivia colouring in a picture i drew of her
Olivia has just had her first hit of red jelly. 30 seconds later it's like a rocketship around the room. Very funny (me spurring her on seemed to annoy everybody :)
Kimba taking a chill pill.
Nick's mum gave him a haircut. Looks good. Doing comparisons to his hair at 21. Michael Hutchence!?

In other news, I bought this French Connection cardigan online for sale at 49.95. It was only because it's yellow, and my current yellow cardi is about 5 years old, and on the way out. The problem with this shade of yellow is that it looks like it's been through the wash with some black tracky dacks, just not quite right.

I just got a chance to try it on today. I don't know if it's because Michael Jackson just died, or what, but the pattern of the ribbing reminds me of a jacket MJ would wear (in gold or silver or some such colour!)

urgh is it the cardigan, the pose or the fat.. DIETTT !!!!!!!!!! TOUTE SUITE !!!!!!!

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Cotton Socks said...

thank you so much for the website link!
i am ordering stuff tonight.
so excited!!!!

i really love that MJ bag! i hope you get it!
it would go well with your colourful wardrobe!

and kimba is such a cutie! i love dogs.