Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chanel Booties

I just saw these booties on Sea of Shoes... they are everything i could ever dream of in a pair of shoes and more. They are literally my DREAM BOOTIE!!!! I would wear them all day every day (actually id probably be too scared to take them out of the cupboard).
She is one lucky lady!!!

I will stop my blog envy now and go and buy some makeup at chaddy!!


Cotton Socks said...

i love sea of shoes. its the best blog.
they have these shoes in chanel at the moment in plain black. they are glorious.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Oh my gosh.. I have to go and have a look in Chanel! I havn't been to the city for a while. She has the most sensational dress sense i have ever seen, ever! I can't imagine being so stylish at that age, I was wearing Dangerfield + Revival, urgh!