Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weevils + Motorbikes

Something seriously DISGUSTING happened to me tonight when i got home from work. Mum made me hearty delicious chicken soup, because i have been very sniffly and snorty with this stupid cold. Anyways i was sitting there eating it, when something suddenly seemed a bit NQR. The big pieces of freshly ground pepper KIND of looked like something else, no Im imagining it.. another spoon.. no hang on, something is wrong with that pepper.

WEEVILS !!!! MY SOUP WAS FULL OF WEEVILS !!!!!!!!! Disgusting, foul, feral WEEVILS!!!

I realised this half way through my soup. HALF WAY THROUGH MY SOUP !!!!!!

I have thrown everything out of the pantry. The weevles were in the noodles.. the closed packet of noodles which were bought about a year ago. This will never ever happen again. Although it grossed me out more to read up on them, i also learnt that all flours and cereals etc need 24 hrs in the freezer.. weevles, dead. And they need to be sealed in tupperware, with a bay leaf.


So... in other news!! This morning i went to Victory Bikes showroom in the city to meet their PR chick to arrange a story- So pleased because i think this is getting towards the end of Guideto the goodlife and Ill be able to go back to Mercurioss Menu. Yay.

The bikes were the most over the top, ridiculous motorbikes Ive ever seen.. made in Las Vegas and sold for their bling bling. This one is enormous. Felt like the width of a car!!

Wall of supersized tyres in the background "why are they supersized, is it to help manoeverability?" i ask one of the salesmen, he responds "No, cos they look good". These bikes are STRICTLY for showoffs.

PR chick says we can set up some sort of "Grease sequence" in the workshop. Um, ok...
Anyways she was being all pr with this dude who's job is to polish the bikes when HE says "i was working at peter stevens" (other motorcycle shop) "THEY SACKED ME! so i came 'ere"
I have a couple of new things on the wishlist.. In paerticular this peacock leather + tie dye Rebecca Minkoff bag.. on sale, for around 329US. I saw recently a peachy Miu Miu bag which was tie dye leather- that was sensational!! if only..
SHOES.. desperately want some Opening Ceremony Sandals right now. They are still a bit exy on sale.. these are the dream, the colour and style is gorgeous, and they look so comfy!!

Cute cute cute !!!!

Opening Ceremony
W4 Gladiator Oxford

the comfortable suede sandal takes a gladiator-inspired body and adds a twist with an oxford lace-up. perfect for showing off your toes. suede and leather upper. leather sole. available in red and tan. (SKU:64294)

$ 390.00 273.00

Pick 2.. also Opening Ceremony... ALWAYS favour yellow, but i think the salmon is pretty cool..
Opening Ceremony

W17 Lace-up Sandal

a remixed version of an oxford, the lace-up sandal is the perfect everyday sandal with cutouts. suede upper. leather sole. available in yellow, salmon, grey and black. (SKU:64173)

$ 370.00 259.00

Mmm, that's about it right now!

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