Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things Ive just made.

Ive got frustration with my sewing machine- I wish i invested in something better - it keeps snagging and being inconsistent. But more importantl I wish i could be bothered taking the time to learn some patterns. Im complacent every time i start something, and give up the second i think it's getting a bit meh.

Anyways, just finished off some newbie tops.. I bought this cheap as chips red stretch cotton with hearts from Spotlight. (very old school Marc Jacobs!) It ties up with a bow at the top, but i didn't think that through well enough, as it pulls the collar down when you go to tie it! I think i spent an hour just trying to get it presentable. Next time i will make the bow seperately, and then sew it on!

This is potentially the brightest fabric on the planet! In the photo it's only a fraction of it's true colour.. very billowy. Perhaps a bit preggie!
The Collar is done. I love the idea of it (shouldnt have ironed it down though as it's lost it's frillyness) Realised as soon as i went to photograph it, i realised i no longer have ten million plain black high neck jumpers. Everything is so flippin loud. So, i thought id go for floral overload... that's a t shirt i made recently from a MOOMOO !!..

i do have a white round neck shirt, thats a bit ruffly. It's a bit LOVER. Perhaps it will work with the collar.
I have a stack of things I still need to make, and no shortage of fabric. God knows where Im going to put all of this when I work into Nick's. Need to tidy up!

Earlier today i went for a ride to Brighton on the beach, and i bought these awesome jeans. It was SO hard to photograph them. They are a bit boyfriend, bit loose with tight rolled up ends, with cute pleats at the top.
Whilst i was there i went to mecca cosmetica and spent ages with the chick trying to find a good makeup. She was convinced she had used one that was perfect, but I have a feeling Ive had the same foundation (Prescriptives with the silver lid) in Gold and it was a disaster. I left without buying anything just to be safe because i seem to waste a large percentage of my wage on foundations in the wrong shade!!

Not sure? ... fuckkkken i look OLD, even with the fresh makeup!!!..

Then i went for a ride along the biketrack from brighton back to Elst. jeez that's a nice track. Wish i could ride it to work!!

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