Monday, June 8, 2009

Judit + Kajsa

These earrings are called KAJSA (i know i know, whats the point in naming them, it was the most fun part of the process!) and they are on a thicker, slightly smaller shell. Probably better way to go as they're not so FULL ON.

Worn with this scarf they are prolly a lil too mature..

And finally it's JUDIT style. Which i would never paint again. I think they look a bit crappy. ALso- they have a bit of an indigenous / aboriginal Vibe to them.

Speaking of which i saw Samson and Delilah today, and the artwork the grandma was doing was AMAZING. i would like to copy some aboriginal art, but i can't tell if that's bad, like ill get evil spirits after me or something!??!

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