Saturday, June 20, 2009


Scott discovered yesterday, and I started making some Band T Shirts! i think we have so much reserve artwork there are quite a few ideas that can be done. Hugh Suggested CATS Musical T shirt (in fact i had one of these when i was a kid, which i wore until it was black and had holes around the sleeves) But unfortunately i think it will infringe on copyright. So far, apart from the original hugh design way back when, here are our tshirts. Just in time for the american tour!!!... Best bit is, you can choose any colour!!

This is my pick, from the lonely planet 7" B Side, i want this one in bright yellow!!.. i think the green is cool too. Wondering which ones to buy for pressies. They are $25ea + postage for me. The idea that cost price is $25ea is quite funny, but i think it's better than us making a big outlay!

In other news, i finally woke up feeling sick today. Nick was on deaths door a couple of weeks back, and Marcus and Paul copped it last week. Bummer cos im supposed to be going out for drinks in Collingwood tonight for James' Birthday, but the thought of being outside is too hideous to imagine. Ive got the yucky cold body shakes. Might think of some new ideas for t shirts and drink hot drinks.

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