Monday, June 8, 2009

Wipe away the cobwebs...

Okay, so i am not a very good blogger. Actually remembering i have a blog, takes me a few moments! And so far, my artistic achievements Ive posted may seem few and far between, i do need to start photographing and uploading. I will appreciate this one day right? I need a DIARY. I need to remember everything that is on my wishlist, that i am DYING to own that day. Maybe if i do this ill stop spending so much money!?

So myspace is long gone, facebook feels very superficial, and my entre to twitter has not exactly been with gusto.
So i choose to blog. This weekend (which turned into a loooong weekend, sickie on friday, and Labour day on monday) i did absolutely nothing. I started a forged john olsen painting which depressed me when i totally stuffed it up, and then in some mini fit scraped off all the paint. Back to square 1.

SO i really want to start some sort of handmade business ... Im just not sure how to start. I just want something i can do in my spare time, even if it's barely covering costs, it will make me feel like im doing something and could potentially do it in the future sometime. (I have that gift card dream- those people who stick a couple of cut out flowers on cardboard, and become giftcard millionaires!!)
So i finally got to taking some photos of the earrings i painted for Svenson Haart. I decided to do it in such a rush, i didnt do much in the way of visual merchandise. Im thinking now looking back they definitely need some sort of packaging!

SO in terms of gettng things started, I thought maybe etsy, but etsy is so jam packed with talented people sewers and collagers etc, and i dont think im the right fit for it. Plus i think you'd have to market like crazy to get anyone even to find your page! And maybe earrings are out of fashion. So i should stick to bags or necklaces or something. Im realising i either need to give up now before i waste time and money on materials, or keep thinking of ways to make it work. Ive decided on the latter, Nick has a lot of faith in me so i think i just need to figure out what's going to WORK. Let's see how it goes. Thinking cap on!

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