Saturday, June 13, 2009

SC's Gig Friday night Pics

Jeremy, in my place on the kit! woop! It sounded GREAT!!! super super super.
Irene and Hugh Rockin it out, hehe.
scott + Scott

me being a total spazdick drunk all over nick in the courtyard. He reminded me i was making a big deal to the table about how unattractive Julian Morrow's wife is. DAMN. i don't feel passionately about it, Im so embarrassing!! So this is $190 worth of alcohol later (had to switch to Little Creatures when they ran out of tap Coopers) Ouch.

Jenna bought me some professional nailpolishes from her beauty school... they were $4 each so i bought a whole stack, including the purplish colour in the pic. Pretty cool!

Bit miffed, just drove home and saw my nana in the street. She is still mad at me, kind of got a glare as she looked away and kept walking. Yeesh.

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