Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a wedding!

"Anne and Billy"

Last night we went to the reception for the wedding of LP's Workmate. WOW was it over the top. It was held at a reception centre in Ascot Vale, which seemed to be done in a mock tuscan royale style, complete with faux renaissance paintings! It was so kitsch that it was absolutely AMAZING. There was 350 people there, the families were Vietnamese. I can't imagine the expense of this wedding.. it was totally OVER THE TOP!

We were told "drink as much as you like" .. and we did! We got pretty spazzo actually!

The amazing menu.. 8 courses! Two of which blew my mind.. one was half a lobster (I ate a whole lobster as LPs wasn't really into his. The course after that was Abalone and sea cucumber!

(amongst other fancy delights!)

The problem with such an obviously expensive menu, is that I saw half of it being talken away to the bin! noooo.

There were pyrotchnics and a SMOKE MACHINE!.. No joke. See below. The bridal waltz was not to be missed...

The little touches, hahaha.

We had a good night all up ... a feature of this reception centre is that there are video screens all over the room, just in case you're away from the action. See in the background! crazy. This was during arrivals, and the bride and groom had photos taken with every single one of their 350 guests in the foyer...

Did I get ideas for my own upcoming wedding? um, no... none!


Cotton Socks said...

this place looks amazing. !!
pyrotechnics is a must at any wedding right?!!
are you planning on having a wedding soon?
we've decided to wait a few years.
its all really overwhelming to me.

Winnie said...

Asian weddings are actually awesome and you actually have to choose to wear something you look pretty in but also allows you to eat all 8 courses!

Looks like you had so much fun and the pyrotechnics are a first! Hahaha I love it!

Eri said...

Wow! How amazing...

Thanks so much for your comments! I hope to see you again soon.