Friday, January 1, 2010

bye bye to 2009!

Goodbye 2009!

The good bits I think of...

Working on Merc's ... in particular the travel.

Eg, my First trips to Northern Territory!!! Darwin I love you, Alice Springs, you're good too (but less awesome maybe)
On the road working (it won't last for ever!)
Ah Darwin, you have your 'characters'! (tongue kisses with a buffalo)
Territory tough when it comes to my beverage of choice!!
Driving to nowhere in Alice Springs, and laughing at our OH&S policies!
Making time to sight see... Orminston Gorge!

Plus of course all the other places I go are amazing, but NT has held a very special place in my heart :)

LPs and I snuck in a trip to WA, which I combined with a recce, that was awesome too...
The amazingly refreshing Scarborough beach.
We drank ourselves silly at Little Creatures, whilst regional Melbourne burned to the ground on Black Saturday... what a spinout to arrive back to the news on the tv in our hotel room!

Trip to Europe.. LONDON, BERLIN, ROMANIA, AMSTERDAM .. first trip overseas with my BF!..
Crazy Pub times!

Long sessions in the park. I believe I took this photo to capture the mannerisms of the OTT gay guy behind me.. hilariously camp.
Boozing Brick Lane...
Ecstatic about these London babies..
Onslaught eating.. no wonder I came home so fat!
Andy's flat in Elephant and Castle
Where we drank etc and ate fancy breakfasts!
The Foundary.. well, downstairs.. a highlight!

Hangovers from hell.

My photo of 2009... should i post this or not!? What the hey... arriving in Berlin, a hungover mess.. zero sleep, bad hair (el nauturale)
Hanging out, doing things.
If only these times lasted for ever !!!
The Wall.
A birthday bike ride.
Living like kings in Romania for VERY LITTLE $$!!!!!! very litttle.. this town is amazing.

Free promotional cigarettes in Bucharest!?
Romanian Flavourwave
Madonna's famous 'gypsy defense' concert.
Let's hit Brasov.. let's hit it hard!!!

Moving in to South Yarra..

Releasing the album in the States, and reaching around #50 on the american college charts!

And, of course, releasing it in Australia! (hehe) ...

Winning the Competition! woowoo, put me a year ahead in savings!!!
Getting engaged.. and the future plannings :)

2010 is going to be so exciting!!!!!! woowoo bring it on !!!!

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