Monday, January 25, 2010

Today's Lust List for Footware.

It is perplexing that I have been searching for a good ankle wedge boot for ages, and still do not have a pair!? (having sold the Jeffrey Campbell 99s straight Away- too big!)

So last night, Australia Day eve, I got back on the hunt. I think i may have spent up to 6 hours online trawling the internet. Here are two of my favourites at the moment... Shock horror, no jeffrey campbell to be seen!

Chanel cc wedge boot.. currently in my size on ebay Brand New! ahh... what to do!? They tick all the wearable wedge boxes... not crazy playformed, match everything, a bit transeasonal etc...

Chanel seem to be tapping into a good wedge, I noticed these wedge t bars... very cute (very winter!?) but the studded cc's (i think i spy a turtle stud amongst the four leaf clovers!? adorable!) are so cute. Defo on the ebay watch list for the timebeing..
I went to the new Acne store in GPO yesterday.. yowser! They make some AMAZING shoes, I was in boot heaven!

I spied these knee High Pistol boots from across the room, and was smitten! They are so well made and substantial... i think I would wear them for ever!

I held back as I've just paid my visa to go to the states (a fast-processed band visa can be pretty pricey!) but I couldn't help but think these would be the ultimate boots for New York icy cold March weather!?

Apparently they've been a favourite overseas for a few seasons now (and painfully I noticed they've been 50% off on a few websites, only to be completely sold out of course!) Full price in the GPO. Big investment.. do i do it!? What's the best boot!? ahh.


Cotton Socks said...

Why get comfortable and sensible boots when you can get chanel boots?!

they are cuuutteee!

did they have those atacoma wedges at acne?
i really want a pair ! last time i went to acne they had no shoes.
i think it was their opening day.

Miss Patrice said...

Chanel boots + stunning. I love them as I love the Chanel T-Bar wedges.