Friday, January 1, 2010

What a camera

I know everyone and their dog is going ga ga lately for Leica/ Holga / Lomo blah blah (not exactly my area of forte in terms of technical ability) but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this Hermes M7 Leica... how could it not!? It's amazing!

Leica’s latest price-pumped promo comes in the form of the M7 Hermes Very Special Limited Edition, a calfskin-clad version of its M-series 35mm film camera. It will cost you £8550, or almost $14,400.

Just 200 will be made, in two colors. One, “etoupe”, is just brown and soft. The the other is orange. Make no mistake — these are collector’s cameras, and should never be removed from the box. As such they are labeled with a serial number between one and two hundred.

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jack bespoke said...

would love to get my hands on this limited edition, been meaning to buy a manual camera for so long now...haha and i guess i should wait a bit longer now seeing that the price tag is crazzzzy.