Monday, January 4, 2010

The End of an Eggy Era..

It was time to say goodbye to the Ostrich egg which has been sitting on the mantle for the last 12 months. Originally it was given to me by narrelle after she visited the Ostrich farm for a story, and she gave it to me as an egg to paint for easter (last Easter!). Apparently the egg itself is the equivalent of 22 chicken eggs, and makes amazing quiches etc (so we had plans for it's contents).

We were given a 6 week period for use... when it clicked over six weeks and we still hadn't done anything with it, the egg was deemed TOXIC (we imagined it to be bright green and rotten on the inside!)

We've been dreaming of a way to smash it open for months, it's been used as a threat ('I'm going to crack this Ostrich egg straight into your mouth' *gag*) when i decided the other day that I was going to throw it over the fence (onto the train tracks) there and then. So i did.

I threw it over here... it cracked open and made the loud CHINK of a plate breaking.
Cracked egg, bright yellow yolk, surprisingly looked A-OK

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