Monday, January 11, 2010

My Cats in the Heatwave


Visited my cutesy wootsey poopsy popsies yesterday... Tinkerbelle is looking svelte with the heat (it is 43 today, gah.. melting!)

She was coping a lot better than Gizzypop, who is REALLY SUFFERING. Here he is incapacitated in the backyard dreaming of icy cat poles.

Poor baby is semi deseased in this weather!


Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Cuute cat pictures!
You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)

Eri said...

How cute!

Hi Julia, thanks for stopping by. I have posted a picture inspired by MK necklaces, I would love you to have a look and tell me what do you think.

See you soon.