Monday, January 4, 2010


A retrospect on my week in art & craft...

I've done a few crafty projects this week.

1. Finished off the Artwork for the new 7" release in the States... we're doing light yellow vinyl! yay!

2. Aboriginal dot painting. It's finished- must take a finished pic!

3. Wedding Cake toppers..
don't want to give away my dress (which I bought on the weekend!!!!) but I made some personalised cake toppers.. can't be too ready! :) I'll leave the finished product to my wedding photos post! Going to finish these off on a little circular stand, with an arch and wedding bells.

4. Floral dress. I made this dress which turned out to be too small accross the bust, love the style, in particular the tie up sleeves. Not sure how Im going to fix it up as yet to make it wearable! The pattern is so sweet.

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