Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Gig

Last night, Hugh organised a gig to coincide with his 29th birthday.. cue horrendous couch-bound hangovers!

My new camera arrived, and I'm over the moon with it! The automatic functions are fantastic... photos which once would have been dark, are now filled with light. Having said this the pics from the show last night wern't exactly brilliant.

This is what I wore to the show... I look dwarfey with the perspective!
Vintage floral dress, bought for insane price from Sportsgirl. Sass & Bide sheer tee. Tiffany necklaces & House of Baulch tusk necklace (I just remembered that this necklace broke last night..damnit... Best go search for the pieces in my bag) Marc Jacobs lace up ankle booties. New Canon ixus 120 in blue!
We did a bar crawl on Monday night to Emerald Peacock, Siglo, Red Hummingbird, Seamstress, Container, Berlin.. I was so hungover for the gig!!

On the way to catch a cab, i bumped into Rumpole, my 3rd favourite cat, looking as dashing as always..
My cab driver was insane.. he was so young and I would assume he hadn't had his license very long. He was speeding, headlights off, getting beeped at and yelled at by other drivers etc.. all over the place.

The show.. it was good, shambolic, fast. I enjoyed playing for the first time ever!

The only photo where I am vaguely visible, well my hair is at least! :)

We had Maccas for breakfast (lunch) which was quite disgusting. I am so DIET CRAZY, Booze free from tomorrow onwards (just need to get over this nasty hangover first! ;)

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