Saturday, January 30, 2010



I was up working in Canberra this week.. I thought this would be an exceptional opportunity to update my blog, however my laptop was behaving badly and VERY slowly, as though it needed coal or something! I blamed Canberra, but when I came home on Friday night I had the same problem! What a grrrrmmpph!!! Lps did some maintenance work, only to find I had a Russian Trojan virus called Chopickta. Luckily it's gone, and Im back in action!

Anyways, so I was in Canberra. What a city! I can't believe this is our Nation's captital. I have been a couple of times before, but I blamed my younger age on my inability to connect with the vibe. Going back ten years later, it still lacks charm.. so underwhelming!

Night 1 I went for a stroll and got caught in heavy heavy rain! Some of the city sights...

The view of the rain coming in from my balcony ..

Getting up close with some Galloway cows at a farm..

I was snooping around trying to find the owners of this orchard.. no luck..

Tarts at Silo Bakery .. nom nom.

Chooks at a gorgeous garden, built in the middle of a barren landscape.

Canberra Glassworks...

The Canberra Glassworks introduced me to a new favourite artist, The father of Australian glassmaking, Klaus Moje.. his stuff is INCREDIBLE. Im semi inspired to take up glass art!

Taking in the views from Mt Ainsley...

Parliament house over there... Hi Kev!

What it looked like almost everywhere I went.. on the way to a Hazelnut farm, only 15 mins out of the city..

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