Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making up shoes

I've done a very rough entry to this month's Frankie magazine competition to win an Andrew McDonald Shoemaking course in Sydney.. design a shoe!

"I LOVE SHOES!!!! I dream to design a range of booties!! :D Here's my dream shoe... it's over the top, and a textural mish mash, but that's why I would love it so much! It's a combination of tapestry, wood, a sculptural heel protrusion with an effect of the verticle wood in the heel 'slicing' through it. (This would be external) It's very 3D! Finished off with sapphire studding detail."

nb. not really my dream shoes, and extremely derivitive!! :)


Cotton Socks said...

good luck with the competition!

your wedding cake toppers are the cutest things ever! your so creative!

btw. the S&B sheer tee is brilliant. on the rack i thought it was foul and never tried it on but you make it look fab. i might go look at it now.
the harem pants look good too! and they wont fall apart like your crackerjacks. double bonus.
btw my crackerjacks are still going like brand new. no signs of pockets falling off.

Frock Around the Clock said...

That would be such an amazing shoe! I would really want to touch it - such a wonderful way of playing with textures and shapes. Good luck with the competition! :) x